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"The goal of science has always been to reduce the complexity of the world to simple rules". Benoît Mandelbrot, mathematician (1925-2010)

The Global Asset Select Strategy

Managed futures are commercial investment products on the basis of futures contracts that are actively managed by Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and are characterised by their ability to benefit from both rising and falling prices.

The Global Asset Select strategy is based on several management levels. The active management and decision-making tools it uses are decisive for the investment process. The use of quantitative financial models ensures a systematisation of the decision-making process, whereby the active component of the management is increasingly the role of quality assurance. The selection decisions are based on several financial models which, by recognising market phases, take up different positions in the global equities and bond markets, in the currencies and commodity markets.

Implementation takes place through the most liquid international financial markets, which can also be used to attain profitable positions in falling markets. A proven, consistent risk management ensures that no single market can take a dominant position within the strategy. The successful development of a financial model and its probable development determines the weighting of equities, bonds, commodities and currencies within the strategy.

Each positioning in a single market is adjusted daily on the respective market-specific financial model. As a result of the global orientation of the markets, this adjustment takes place successively at the respective local trading hours. The risk management of the strategy is based on this and therefore, several times a day, reviews the risk parameters of the overall strategy.

The advantages at a glance

  • Opportunity for attractive returns in rising and falling markets
  • Systematic approach based on several financial models
  • Systematic implementation of the risk management adapted to the customer
  • Diversification effect through access to different asset classes and markets (stocks, bonds, currencies or commodities)
  • Possible instrument for controlling the level of investment and global asset allocation

Perry J. Kaufman - Cooperation partner

Perry J. Kaufman was involved in the development work on the navigation and control systems of NASA's Gemini missions, which were later also used in the Apollo missions. Since 1971 he has devoted himself to the development of technical analysis systems and hedge strategies based on mathematical-statistical methods. In the 1990s, as a partner of a successful hedge fund company, his model approach achieved one of the best track records on the market for derivatives products. Kaufman is the author of numerous books. His publication "New Trading Systems and Methods" is regarded as "the authoritative and all-encompassing standard work" on this topic. His new book is "A Guide to Creating a Successful Algorithmic Trading Strategy".


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